Regulatory & Legal Protection

Anti-money laundering policies

FirstFX is registered with and regulated by the FCA and HM Customs & Excise through our business partnership with FairFX Plc and their registration with these regulators under Money Laundering Regulations. Our staff are fully conversant with Anti-Money Laundering guidelines and are aware of their responsibilities in the monitoring and reporting of any actions that raise suspicion or give cause for concern.

FirstFX reserves the right to perform identity checks in accordance with the Terms and Conditions on all individuals who place an order on the website. For further information on these identity checks please contact

FirstFX reserves the right at all times to refuse to process any foreign currency order which it believes in its sole discretion, is connected in any manner to any unlawful or illegal purpose. We have a legal obligation to report to Customs and Excise / NCIS any such suspicious transactions.

FirstFX is obliged by law to monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size taking place where we have reasons to believe the money is derived from unlawful or illegal activity.

There is a statutory obligation on all FirstFX employees and their agents to report suspicious transactions to the UK authorities. Where any such report is made, FirstFX accepts no liability for any delay in transmission of or confiscation of the funds.

Should you have any questions about the aforementioned terms and conditions please e mail contact us

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