FirstFX can help you make money and help your friends, family and business contacts get just about the best FX rates and service in the market. When establishing FirstFX we realised very early on the importance of a close and enduring relationship with individuals and businesses whom we acknowledged as valued contributors in our success through the introduction to us of new clients.

> Join our rapidly growing team of foreign currency exchange business introducing agents

FirstFX already works with a wide range of clients introduced to us including amongst others many private clients who work or own properties abroad, estate agents, architects, hotel groups, independent financial advisors, manufacturing and financial services businesses. Why become a FirstFX Agent? The numerous benefits we offer are listed below. If you are in, or know a business where your clients have a need to buy foreign currencies and transfer funds abroad, or use various ways of protecting foreign currency cash flows against exchange volatility and risk, then we are the right partner for you. Our foreign currency exchange business is well established and we transfer millions of pounds of foreign currency abroad each year, quickly, securely and at the best possible exchange rate.

> Long term relationship
We want a long term relationship with our agents and we recognize that trust and transparency is truly important. Consequently we ensure complete clarity when we pay you commission that we owe you on business you have introduced. We do this by maintaining an online history of all business you have introduced and the commission paid.
> Earn Commission
We will pay commission of up to 10% every month directly to you for any business that we transact with a client you have introduced to us*. 
So the larger the order placed by the new client you introduce to FirstFX, the principle more commission you will personally receive.
We pay commission to you for the first three years on all transactions conducted by clients you introduce to us*.

* Commission will be payable solely on new clients that you introduce to us. The commission will not apply to clients that have previously registered with FirstFX and or introduced by another agent
> Regular prompt payment
We will pay commission once the amount due to you exceeds £100 by BACS transfer directly into your bank account that you set up online in our FirstFX Logistics secure area.
> Our commitment to clients you introduce
  • Market leading exchange rates that we aim to be just about the most competitive in the market for our clients and better than our competitors and no hidden commissions or charges. We have used the latest technology to create a highly efficient platform that allows us to process amongst the best exchange rates in the market.
  • Secure and protection of client funds in segregated bank accounts managed by our partner FairFX, who are regulated by the lead UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and HMRC.
  • Rapid transmission of international money transfers either same day (USD and EURO) or next day all other currencies.
  • A customised and tailored service to provide solutions to each client’s requirements to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Every client you introduce to us will have access through e mail, telephone or online to one of our friendly knowledgeable dealers. We aim to make your experience of FirstFX simple, cost effective and as stress free as possible.

> So what do you have to do to get started?
Click this FirstFX Agents link, and follow the simple instructions to open an account with us in 3 minutes or less and gain access to our online area at FirstFX Logistics. Start entering details of your friends, family or business colleagues who you would like to introduce to us and set up your bank details to receive payment from us. It’s really that easy!

Alternatively contact us or please click for a call back.


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