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We offer a range of services and products whether you are a private or business client that is designed to meet your needs.  

Our aim is to ensure maximum flexibility and customization - we do not have a “one size fits all” approach. We can adapt and tailor our products and services so that you truly get what you want. You can do everything you want yourself online through our account management and order processing platform FirstFX Logistics or contact our friendly dealers and talk through your requirements on the telephone.
> FirstFX Logistics
Our best of breed online portal. Manage your international Money Transfers and overall FX needs and requirements at your leisure and at the time it suits you.
  • Access securely and rapidly your International Money Transfer account.
  • Calculate rates or amounts of currency, set a future rate alert or fix a rate.
  • Place an international money transfer order anytime between Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.
  • Set up payees, bank accounts and favourite transfers.
  • Make payments and receive confirmations of transfers made.
  • View transaction history.
  • Access 24/7.
  • Contact us.
> Your FX International Money Transfers
Whatever your need for transferring money abroad we can help you by phone, e mail, or online using our FirstFX Logistics platform. Simple and fast account opening process in 3 minutes in 3 steps. Easy set-up and processing of international money transfer orders securely, and at the best FX rates that you can agree in advance of setting up your order with us.
  • Great FX rates available from our dealers online or by phone.
  • Fast account opening – minimum fuss and open in 3 easy steps in 3 minutes.
  • Rapid same day or next day latest delivery on receipt of payment. We can guarantee US Dollar and Euro transfers same day if you send payment before our cut off times.
  • From the UK to any overseas bank or any overseas bank into the UK.
  • Set up monthly automated standing orders and direct debits on request, please contact us.
  • A completely secure and cost effective way to move your money.
  • On-line dealing facility offering live exchange rates allowing you to transact business and process payments online at FirstFX Logistics or contact us by e mail or telephone.
> FX Currency Conversion Calculator
We update our rates throughout the day and using our free online FX currency conversion calculator you can get a great indication as to the best rate available.
  • Input either the amount of the currency you want to buy or sell and calculate the currency equivalent, the rate and see exactly how much approximately you will receive and pay.
  • Compare this to our competitors, especially the major banks who we always seek to beat on price.
  • We hope you will see the real price advantages we offer to FirstFX clients.
  • We quote you virtually our as close as possible to our actual offered exchange rates in the calculator so you have a great indication of what rate you may get.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about our FirstFX Currency Conversion Calculator.
> FX Rate Alerts
Another free service we make available to our clients. If you are looking for a particular FX rate now or in the future use our FX Rate Alert service to set up the rate you want and we will monitor the market and advise you by e mail when the rate becomes available. You can then contact us or go online and place your transaction.
  • FX Rate Alerts can be set up quickly and easily in FirstFX Logistics when you log in.
  • You can set up your own e mail alerts for a range of different currencies.
  • You set the period (up to 12 months in advance) over which you want us to monitor the rate and our dealers will check throughout the day.
  • If or when the rate is reached we will advise you through e mail and you can go online to FirstFX Logistics and enter your transaction.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about the FirstFX Rate Alert service and our dealers will be only to pleased to help.
> FX Rate Calculator
Our free FirstFX Calculator, which automatially calculate what you will get before you commit to your transaction, we like to think, gives us a leading edge in the market. You get real certainty on what our currency rates are at any particular time based on the size and currency of your orders and if you decide to place an order you know that this rate will be very close to that actually used to calculate the currency amounts you want. We really give you a rate as close as possibel to the interbank rate.
  • The rate you see will be practically the rate used to convert your order into the currency you require.
  • No surprise add-ons or additional cost. We strive to avoid any commissions altogether on all your transactions but do have a minimum order size to enable us to offer this service. The amount is just a few hundred pounds equivalent.
  • Our FirstFX Calculator exchange rates are clearly displayed and updated frequently throughout the working day.
  • Please contact us to discuss any of our exchange rates and how they compare to our competition with our knowledgeable dealers.
> Spot Contract
A spot contract is executed when you buy currency at the current exchange rate at the time of the placing your order online using FirstFX Logistics or by phone and make payment within two working days.
  • This type of transaction is typically used for International Money Transfer transfers.
  • Most transfers are spot transactions but commercial foreign currency receipts and payments can be converted effectively in this way.
  • Our experienced FX dealers will be happy to discuss with you the appropriateness and arrangements for this type of contract should you want to contact us.
> Forward or Time-Option Currency Contracts
A forward contract is undertaken when you fix the exchange rate now for a specific date from one to 12 months in the future. You may also reserve a time-option forward contract, which is a similar to, but a slight variation of a Forward Currency Contract. This contract allows a greater degree of flexibility in paying.
  • With a forward contract, as an example, your final payment for a home abroad may be the equivalent of £100,000 in Euros. You could fix the GBP/EUR exchange rate today with a small deposit, and pay for the bulk of that transaction at the completion of the forward contract. This removes the uncertainty of future volatile rate movements that could mean you pay more in GBP.
  • To guarantee the exchange rate, clients have to pay for around 10% of the value straight away (a margin deposit) and the balance on or before the maturity of the contract for us to fix the future exchange rate.
  • Alternatively if you are a business client you may have a foreign currency payment due in 12 months’ time and you would like to lock in today the sterling value of that receipt. This type of contract would assist you to do that.
  • With a time-options forward contract, for example, a property developer may set you a date of February next year as an approximate completion date but may tell you it could take a bit longer.
  • Your dealer may recommend that you set a date for your forward contracts of June next year and you have the flexibility to settle that contract any time before the maturity date with no penalty.
  • Our experienced FirstFX dealers will be happy to discuss with you the appropriateness and arrangements for this type of contract should you contact us.

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